Admin Terms of Agreement

In order to buy admin, be eligible. To reach eligibility, the player must do the following:

- Play on the desired server.
- Create a forum account and enter a new post concerning that topic of your wish to purchase admin.
- Contact an Administrator through the forums or Steam Community.

This post system is necessary in order for our members to assess any potential admin. A forum member can see any player unfit for admin for the following reasons:

- The player is known to use ingame cheats / MULTIPLE VAC BANS ON ACCOUNT
- The player is known to be disrespectful towards other players ingame
- The player is known to have negative intentions if he/she were to become admin

The only way to bypass the post process, the player must fit into either category:
1) Is a Veteran [AoG] member/player and has a good reputation within the community
2) Has previously purchased admin and would like to re-purchase (already approved).
AGAIN THIS IS NOT AN APPROVAL SYSTEM, rather, it is a system that allows us to catch those who do not seem fit for admin powers.

For information of admin powers, packages, prices and purchase process, please see the "How to Buy Admin post" in the Admin Purchases section.

In-Game Restrictions
While playing in-game, admins must follow a specific set of rules designed to limit the abilities of an admin to an extent that they are not capable of abusing their powers. The rules follow:

Admins cannot use their powers that would give themselves, another or a specific team an overwhelming advantage over the opposing team.

Examples of abuse:
Applying godmode to self in order to be invincible, yet you still kill others like as you would even if you didn't have godmode
Setting yourself or an entire team's health to a unreasonable amount, like 3000HP, making them too difficult to kill
Setting yourself or an entire team to Noclip mode, giving them a clear advantage
Slaying the the opposing team to give your team the advantage.

Suggested forms of use:
Amx_ban hackers

Admins cannot exploit a certain power to alter the game experience of others

Examples of abuse:
Kick/Ban/gag for no reason.
Change map without votes.

Admins cannot kick/ban without a legitimate reason or proof
Examples of abuse:
Kicking becasue of vengenace
Banning without legitmate proof/demo of hacking

Suggested forms of use:
Kick or Ban when: The player is ruining the game experience for others (hacking, mic spamming, nade spamming etc)

Admins should not change the map in the middle or at the end of a match.
You wait until the server changes the map..

Failure to follow these simple rules may result in consequences. The order in which consequences are administered are:

1) Initial Warning
2) Punishment
3) Removal

Punishments are used when a donator fails to listen and obey the rules, even after warned. Multiple punishments can be administered on a player. I suggest not even going as so far as receiving the Initial warning. Possible punishments follow, order is in increasing magnitude of punishment:

-Right to re-purchase admin stripped
-Reduction in Admin flags (cdeiu - deiu)
-Admin removal for the remainder of the month

Refund Policy
THERE IS NO REFUND IF YOU WERE REMOVED AS DONATE ADMIN, The reason for this is, We have already invested our time into setting up your admin, monitoring your activity, and then having to take the time out of our life's to remove your admin because we are getting complaints about your admin use.

We are not responsible for the altered game experience you may encounter as an admin. If you dislike the experience, we cannot do much to lessen the degree.
Purchase admin at your own risk, IT IS NOT REFUNDABLE.

Review and Assessment
In certain situations when a user has a history of admin abuse within the time he has purchased, his performance will be reviewed. We will look at the degree of the abuse, length of the time spent abusing while in game and if the problem was corrected.

If the user fails to meet these standards, he will not be given the privilege to renew his admin for a period time. If the user wishes the rebuy admin, he will be required to make a post requesting, from the community, to buy admin. If the player can convince A.S.M's/ S.M.'s / Staff/ Captain to allow him to rebuy, he will be allowed to.

Administrative Powers are under rented property of ALL OUT GAMERS. You do not own admin, you rent it, as how [AoG] rents servers to users. If the situtation calls for such measures, your admin will be stripped, regardless of time of purchase. Please do not push us to this point.