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    in behalf of my friend Z

    In this time am talkin in behalf my friend Z hes starting as an AoG regular player, the first of a new grup of friends that ive convinced to join to our comunity, i konw him since at least 25 years ago (i know this isnt a proof of his innocense) but he has my trust and i know he wasnt cheating, in fact as a proof of that i asked personally to abdou to send me the demo, i reviewed and in my humble opinion hes clear then i asked alex to double check and he agrees with my opinion. I know we are humans beings so we are not free to make mistakes. I personally prefer to ask to another admins on game or online through steam chat when am not sure of walling players or just flag the player until another admin comes to check or in last instance as Abdou did it just ban and wait until this an Unban request comes, so dont feel guilty Abdou if the final decision is that hes clear you were just doing your job.
    PD Jhnhdg is waiting for approval as a forum registered user

    * Tu Nombre: Jhnhdg

    * Nombre utilizado en el momento del ban: Z

    * Tu Direccion IP o Steam ID: / STEAM_0 : 4 : 1263445776

    * Fecha del Ban disputado: 09/09/2017

    * Servidor del que te dieron ban: DD2

    * Administrador que invoco el ban: [AoG] Abdou

    * El Administrador capturo screenshots (imagenes/fotos)?: (si/no) Screenshot no but demo si

    * Prueba de tu inocencia (imagenes/fotos): no tengo

    * Descripcion del Evento: jugando normalmente, algunos hechos que pudieron ser suerte fueron considerados "wallhack"

    In this link is the demofile uploaded by Abdou

    http:// www. mediafire .com/file/w9jkajr41bsr454/z-152_172_193_63-1 .dem

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    The demo is a bit short, and I see use of sound, wanna see more opinions about this
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    Clean to me. I would have loved that the admin had invoked screenshots.
    Please more demo reviewers or Staff+ cast your verdict.

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    I apologize it is my mistake but am sure he is suspicious cuz he was aiming on the shadow when i was not recording and im sorry again hope this wont happen next time
    The best revenge is massive success

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