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    Unban Appeal - eXp

    Your Name: eXp
    * In-Game Name Used at the Time of This Ban: eXp
    * Your IP-Address or Steam ID:
    * Date of Contested Ban: September 11, 2017, Around 6:55PM
    * Server which you were Banned From: [AoG]Capture the Flag
    * Administrator which Banned You: Not sure of his name, but he's a frequent admin (I think K.O. Killz)
    * Did the admin use snapshot on you?: No
    * Proof of Innocence (Screenshots): N/A
    * Description of the Event: We were playing in fy_snow (I usually enter the server when snow is on). And the gravity was set low (making us high jumpers). I was doing very good because I can control myself properly in the air and take my time aiming because of the gravity. I had about 20/2 score with Head Hunter (or above). And then after that I switched to ct's main weapon after dying. The admin then banned me and used a command to change my client's chat font color to black. This was unfair because I always play on fy_snow without a problem, I've played more than 50 times on this server. I am a clean person, unfortunately there is no snapshots that the admin took (not in my cstrike folder).

    If there is anything else I can provide, I will.
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