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Thread: Gonnad abuse

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    Post Gonnad abuse

    The admin gonad banned me for no reason, I was playing in AOG CLASSIC and in that he entered, we changed teams and restart the game, after luck kill him shot to the head through a wall and made me screen shared, then I kill myself with commands and when I told him to respect me he said no because I was not a steam player and I replied that in that case I would not respect him for being noob and he gave me ban, besides I injected 2 files in the counter which damaged it ?AMX-DESTROY.asi? and ?InstallRecord.asi?

    I ask my unban and a call of attention to the admin.

    Admin: Gonad the ballbarian
    In game name: LegalGhost506 Date and hour: 09/20/2015 18:28:44
    Server: AOG Classic 5 pictures taken on you.!
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    Moving to Banned section.

    @LegalGhost506 please upload the screenshots taken so we can have a look.

    @Gonad: please provide demo.

    Once we clear out if you were actually hacking or not, we will discuss the alleged admin abuse ONLY if you have proof of what you described.


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    banned for disrespect, was supposed to be an hour. SS was also because either him of his "friend" were running a wallhack
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