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Thread: my true love

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    my true love

    how s it going in ctf land. i miss my ctf days . kill you long time . booooooooooooooooooom headshot !!!

    ╔► RespekT not hacker - He is simply successful.

    ╠► RespekT does not die - He gives odds.
    ╠► RespekT not camping - He has a rest.
    ╠► RespekT not afraid - He arrives providently.
    ╠► RespekT is not mistaken - He makes risky decisions.
    ╠► RespekT does not lose - He simply plays for pleasure.
    ╠► RespekT it is not necessary on a place - He checks feature of level.
    ╠► RespekT does not shout - He convincingly expresses the point of view.
    ╚► RespekT does not miss - He checks different corners of hits

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    CTF is empty all the time, badly needs boost.

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