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Runescape Clan Rules

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So that we can all enjoy our playing time, we have certain rules that will need to be adhered to, please take your time to read the rules and familiarize yourself with them, as you get ranked up in the clan you will need to enforce them.

1. Jagex

All Jagex rules apply.

2. Respect

Always show respect to others and they will show respect in return.

3. Swearing

Swearing is allowed, however, we will not accept it if, it is directed at others or completely unnecessary, remember, there may be children in the clan.


Remember, it may be fun and banter to you and your friend, however, other members may not see it as so, move it to a private channel please.

5. Spamming

Spamming is not allowed, please keep the clan chat channel free from spamming so that others can enjoy their Runescape experience.

6. Disputes

If any members have disputes with other players and it cannot be sorted amicably, then please refer it to an Admin, we will try our best to resolve the issue without any unnecessary drama.

7. Ranks

Ranks up to Sergeant are time in the clan dependent, ranks above Sergeant are decided by the Admin staff, if we feel you deserve the rank, then you will get it.
You will only keep your Sergeant rank if you Cap at the Citadel weekly, Members that fail to Cap will be de-ranked to Corporal until the next Citadel reset, only exception is F2P as they cannot cap.
Only ranks Sergeant and above are allowed Alt accounts, Alt accounts do not need to fill in an application.

Everything you type in clan chat should be appropriate for all ages.
Play nice; while hearty debates are big fun, bashing people with differing views is not.
AoG is salvation for mature-minded players of all ages.

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